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Kevin and The Art of The Sale

Today’s the first day of my negotiations class. I’ve never been much of a negotiator.

When I was younger, I was very heavily influenced by a professor that said that ambition was the death of humanity.

Ever since then it was my goal to want nothing – To have no expectations.

I think that can accurately describe how most of my life has gone since then.

When I started going to school, it was because I was willing to do the work that others wouldn’t.

Not because it was work that I thought was worth doing, or was capable of doing.

I just accepted what others wouldn’t.

My life hasn’t been like that for a while, but that’s where my story starts so I thought I would preface it with that.

The professor recommended that I write down my story as I go through this semester, so that’s how I think I would begin. With who I was once, but am no longer.


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