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Here’s to another semester

Here is the guardian to our front door. But mostly he is lazy and yearns for the sun. Can’t blame him!

Hello, I’ve been gone a while.

It is now a new year, and with that

comes new things and

some old things,


myself for example.

I’m really ready to be done with school, if I’m being honest. But then what am I going to do? I’ve been doing this for over two years now, what else do I know?

Buuuttttt enough about what I don’t want to do, let us instead see if I can remember how to use this site.

I love when the sky looks like this

The weather is nice – perfect for running outside. Inside is nice too, don’t get me wrong.

Baby Mamey Sapote – I grew it from a seed. I… ate his mother (don’t you dare tell him!)
View from outside my door

I’m really grateful that this is what the outside of our apartment looks like. The town we live in is pretty ugly, so this is a great retreat to turn to

This light helps out the leaves a bit, and it helps people not trip so I guess that is good

I’m stuck inside all the time. There’s something ironic about how all the photos I post are outside (well most of them).

What is it I really want out of life?


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