Week 2

Alright, It’s time to do some class-work. But I need to plan this shit out otherwise I might make a mistake.

Free time allocation:

Monday:Before 8am, and 5-9:30pm.

Tuesday: Before 730am, and 6:45-9:30pm

Wednesday: Before 8am, nothing else

Thursday: Before 730am, and 6:45-9:30pm.

Friday: Before 8am, and 5-9:30pm

Saturday: 7am-10pm


So in terms of free time, that’s about 44.5 hours left to do chores, eating, exercise and classwork, but very important here is that 30 of those hours are during the weekend.

That’s going to make weekdays really tough, and also there’s no way I’m going to be able to use all 30 hours for the weekend. I might have to stay up later than 930 on some weekdays. I might as well just accept that now. Hopefully it doesn’t happen every week.

Fuck this is going to be a challenge. One day at a time, and when I need to I’m going to proactively use my PTO to do homework, which is what I’ve done in the past.

On the plus side – not having a commute is saving a lot of time.

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