First And Last Post About Keto, Probably

Tomorrow marks the one-month mark of my being on the keto diet. My goal was to go from 216 lbs to under 200.

So far my progress has been “Ok”.

Yesterday after a 90 minute fasted bike ride (I know that’s kind of cheating) I weighed 200.1 just to see if I could push myself under 200. I needed that victory. To see that number. But I didn’t get what I want.

I started on my birthday, after a glorious meal turned sour in my belly after I decided to weigh myself.

“216.4, holy shit what the actual fuck.”

On my wedding, December 23 2018 I was 179. I thought that I’d be able to “catch” myself gaining weight and put a stop to it. But I think I did two bad things: I stopped weighing myself regularly, and I started buying Del Taco after school two nights a week.

Retrospectively, I definitely ate too much: 3 bean and cheese burritos, 2 chicken burritos, and a large nacho, in one meal, late at night right before bed. With a large coke zero because fuck drinking calories – I’m an educated man, after all, or so I thought. I didn’t have that all the time but it was pretty common to have that much. School and work were stressful, and I was using food to cope.

Also I was smoking a fuck-ton of weed, big surprise right.

For two semesters over 2019 I did this. An extra 8-9K calories per week adds up to a lot over a year. I had guessed that I was over 200, but thought I was like maybe 210 – so to see that I was closer to 220 was a big wake-up call.

Previously I had success with the keto diet – I did a 10 day stint and lost like 7-8 lbs before my wedding, so I thought that if I did a longer time period I would continue to see a linear decline in weight. As you can see from the above that is definitely not the case. Most of the weight I lost in the first week, and after that the weightloss turned into a crawl.

Keto might be in my life longer than I had planned. My wife wants to do a low-carb diet along with me, which is nice. I want to see her healthy and happy.

I remember when I was in my 20’s, thinking “At some point in time you’re either going to have to choose between junk food and health. When you get to that point are you going to let it go and be happy with what you are able to eat? It won’t be easy, I know.”

One of my only goals in life is to be health into my old age. I don’t expect to live forever, but what life I do have I want to be physically active and more capable than others that are my age.

As I move forward in life, I have to remember what my goals are. Otherwise I won’t be able to stick with anything.

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