On Working From Home

Working from home has been difficult.

The first few weeks I was on my couch with my laptop. My neck started to hurt from looking down at the screen all day, and I felt weird when I would leave work and just immediately pick up my personal laptop to do homework.

Work and home were blending together.

I tried to keep my two ten minute breaks for walking outside, but eventually I stopped. There’s always gardeners (I have bad allergies), and I quickly got bored with my immediate surroundings.

Usually when I get bored I start looking more deeply into what I already know, which is where all these pictures came from



Also my fucking bike got stolen out of our garage. RIP buddy. My fault for not locking the garage, but it is still upsetting. I had just replaced the tires, tubes and pedals on it and had purchased a repair kit recently. Altogether I’m out about $200 bucks. I’m just grateful for not having lost more – there was a lot more stuff in the garage that they could have stolen.

Garage will now be locked 100% of the time.


After the first month, working from home got a little better. I bought a desk and now work out of our bedroom, and my wife has taken over the dining table. Here’s my setup – jealous? Also featured is my favorite coffee mug from https://www.iittala.com/about-us


I’m ready for fucking school to be over. This semester has been NOT THAT GREAT. I normally love school. I’m tired of apathetic classmates that do the bare minimum. I’m tired of not being able to exercise my creativity. I’m tired of professors that clearly want to be doing something else but need to bring in a reliable paycheck.

I want to get back into reading, I want to pull out this fucking sewing machine and learn how to stitch shit together, and I want to learn how to draw. 8 more months of 2020. FUCK!

(That said, I’m super grateful for everything in my life. I have it much easier than many. I’m healthy, I run a lot, I have an amazing wife, I eat great food every day (that I buy and cook, my wife doesn’t cook shit), and for me to be able to complain about this means I’m doing PRETTY FUCKING GOOD IN LIFE)

1 thought on “On Working From Home

  1. Love your desk – so jealous! haha it is a difficult transition for sure working from home and then being off work but still in the same spot as you were when you were working

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