2020 – One Month Down

I accomplished way more in 2020 than I thought I was going to!

  • Got a new job (yippee)
  • Hung out with my youngest sister (haven’t really spoke to her in a few years)
  • Gave up a bunch of junk that was hurting my body and my time (Magic: The Gathering, Coke Zero, Del Taco, and added sugar [HOLY SHIT THIS IS HARD])
  • Took a sweet 3 week stay-cation between jobs
  • … Went for a long ass bike ride? I don’t think this counts but I definitely went further than I’ve ever gone before.

I really don’t think February is going to be as good as January, but it’s certainly going to be harder.

  • The sugar cravings are getting crazy – I saw a sugared croissant and I almost instinctively lunged at it like a sugar vampire. Caught myself at the last second.
  • School started last week – every day I have to do at least one hour of studying / homework.
  • I still need to bring regular running back into my daily schedule – I can’t rely on bike-commuting to be my only source of weekday activity.
  • Eating healthier is cool but DANG my weight is barely going down. One year ago I was 180, now I’m 207. Guess that’s part of getting older? No clue.

A couple things I really want to do are:

  • My wife’s birthday is at the end of Feb, and I really want to make it fun for her. I’m going to try to give her the best birthday party I’ve ever given her before!
  • I want to meet some cool people from work! At my last job I knew a lot of people, but none of them became my friends (I don’t consider myself to have any friends besides my wife). This one’s going to be tough. I don’t expect to have this one closed by end of Feb, but that’s OK.

That’s it!

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