No Sugar, Fast-Food, MtG, or Diet Soda (for 2020)

For those of us who partake in new-years resolutions, the beginning of a new decade seems like it should be the start of “BIG THINGS”, so let’s go with that.

Normally I “start” things – photography, writing, exercise, etc.

This time I decided to give up stuff. All the bad things that are dragging me down in life – down the drain they go like spoiled milk.

1.) I’m giving up food with added sugars – no cookies, cakes, pastries. I’m not going to absolute ridiculous extremes; for example some pasta sauces have a bit of sugar in it, Ketchup has sugar in it.

2.) Giving up Magic the Gathering is a big one. I spend so much time playing Arena, and honestly I’ve been very bored by it lately but still end up playing for an hour or more per day.

3.) Del Taco is by far my favorite fast food, so it HAD to go.

The amount of Del Taco I can eat in one sitting is truly disgusting, and my routine is to get it on the way back to home from school, so at least once a week I would be shoveling thousands of calories into my mouth at 10pm.

Here’s my go-to:

Queso Loaded Nachos (Large, beef) – 1060 cals

3x Green Bean and Cheese burritos – 450 cals (each) = 1,350 cals

2x Classic Chicken Burritos – 530 cals (each) = 1,060 cals

Total = 3,470 calories

3,470 x 16 weeks (a semester) = 55,520 extra calories during a 4 month period. That’s pretty bad. I gained almost 30 pounds this past year. It snuck up on me, but at the same time it didn’t. I knew what I was doing was bad, but I kept doing it because once I start a routine, it’s difficult for me to stop.

4.) Coke Zero is definitely my preferred beverage. Mostly I’m giving it up to save a bit of cash and to save my teeth from the added acidity. I don’t care about the sweeteners (but maybe I should?)

Why am I doing all this? Once I get into a routine, it’s difficult for me to stop.


What if I did good things instead of shitty things?

I wonder what I could do with my time?

So that’s my game-plan. Cut out the shit, and see what good proliferates.

Thanks for being here with me


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