To New Beginnings


Not only is the year wrapping up, so is the decade! All I can say is – what a crazy-ass decade it has been.

  • started Community College / finished bachelors in Statistics at a University of California (big-boy school)
  • started MBA in 2019
  • 4 part-time jobs > 2 part-time jobs > 1 full-time job > 1 full-time job in another county > 1 full-time job in same county as previous.
    • It’s crazy how much you can get if you just reach out for it
  • 0 girlfriend > 1 wife (just celebrated our 1-year anniversary, December 23rd)
  • Repeated chronic back injuries > completely pain free
  • Irregular runner > regular runner
  • Regularly angry > Expressing emotions appropriately, understanding my feelings
  • Read a countless number of books

And there’s more, but that’s what I could think of off the top of my head.

Did anything bad happen? Yes, but upon reflection, everything was temporary. This past decade housed the worst events of my life.

Could I have done things better? Oh God, yes. I can’t think of one thing where I didn’t fuck it up first.

  • A year of regularly taking photos went by before I took photos I liked looking at
  • I took too much time to graduate college
  • I worked a job that very nearly destroyed who I am as a person
  • I was quiet when I shouldn’t have been
  • I was noisy when I shouldn’t have been
  • I did what others said to do
  • I didn’t listen to my gut
  • I didn’t listen enough
  • I quit most of the things I started
  • I half-assed most of the things I finished

But overall I’d give 2010-2019 an A+

The concept of the next decade scares the shit out of me.

in 2029 I’ll be 45, holy fucking shit.

Will we have kids? Will we not have kids? Will I still be married? Will I still be healthy? Am I going blind? Am I going deaf? Am I going crazy?

So many unknowns. It’s going to be tough.

But good. Hopefully mostly good. I’ll try really hard to make it good. I promise.



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