The Shunned

You aren’t required to use a coffee maker to make coffee. But a one-time $20 investment lets you make better coffee every day than what was possible for basically the entirety of human civilization.

However, you can easily spend $500 on an advanced espresso machine, but if that machine was for you then you aren’t just looking for the basics.

This holds true for everything you can possibly be or buy.

Where do you sit?

Do you watch every blockbuster on opening night at an IMAX theater, or do you wait for it to hit Netflix?

Shunning “the best” and favoring “good enough” has huge advantages in terms of cost and well-being. You can live an amazing life by ignoring what’s hot and new.

Buy a mid-tier phone that’s been out for a year. It’s $100 instead of ten times that much and does mostly what you care about.

Buy a used car. Nobody needs a new one. Nobody.

Buy clothing from a discount department store. February and March are the best time to buy running shoes here, by the way. You’ll have more options than you could ever want, and they’ll be $35.

Read the best books from ten years ago. I’d recommend the King Killer Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, by the way. Some of the best fiction I’ve ever read in my life.

But the bottom line is – who you are isn’t determined by what you own, or how current your experience is. I hope you realize this.


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