Transitioning to the New Year

We’re getting close to the time where it becomes appropriate to think about what went well in the year, what could have gone better, and how we’re going to approach next year.


I went back to school this year to start my MBA. I’m in my second semester. I made the decision to go back to school because of how unhappy I was at my job. There are many things I like about school, but many that I don’t. When a professor cares about my educational outcomes, it fills me up. It gives me energy and I feel as though I can do anything. I try very hard and I work very hard. This gives me great joy.

But Not all is Pleasant

But when it comes to this job specifically, it’s like I’m nothing. It’s like I don’t exist, and nothing I’ve done matters. My opinions and thoughts are neither desired nor considered. My job duties are mundane, repetitive, and there’s no chance for a promotion. I’ve consistently done more work and taken on more responsibility yes, but this place treats us like replaceable cogs.

I just want to be heard sometimes

For me to have worked so hard in my life for this to be the outcome is distressing. I get that I don’t deserve anything, and I’m not saying I should be better off than I am – but I am saying that everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, and each person in a company should have a say in the direction of that company if they choose to exercise that voice.

Still, I’m grateful for much

I get that I’m luckier than many, I am extremely grateful for that. I don’t work much overtime, I work in an air-conditioned office and have my own cubicle. Although my work is oftentimes ignored, it could be worse – I could be verbally or physically abused, or taken advantage of. I am incredibly grateful that I am not.

But still I want more out of life. I think we all do. That’s enough about my job. Time to talk about nicer things.

Overall, this year is shaping up to be a good one. If I add up all the pluses and subtract away all the negatives, I’m still way ahead of the game. I’m healthy, the relationship with my wife gets better and better, and we’re making progress towards financial independence, even if that progress is first identifying how deep into the hole we are 😉 I bought a new car – a 2012 Hyundai Accent. I love it and paid $5,000 for it. My original plan was actually to get a loan for about $17,000 and buy a 2016 Toyota Prius. Overall the gas mileage is much better on the prius but yeah the price difference is too overwhelming. I’d have to own the Prius a long time before the gas savings caught up to the Hyundai’s lower price, using a 4$ per gallon price point.


I have pretty high demands for 2020. One of my biggest goals for next year is a carry-over from this year, which was to develop a side income. I had several ideas that did not get off the ground. I thought about grading tests for community college professors (but I didn’t even email anyone asking if they wanted that service). I bought a sewing machine (still haven’t done anything with it). The closest thing I have is the one that’s actually the furthest from reality – flavored almond flour loafs. I have two good flavors: nutmeg & cinnamon, and lemon. Beyond that I have no idea how to even start.

I will get a new job in 2020, or possibly two. There are a couple scenarios that have crossed my mind – I could go full time in class and get a part time job. We don’t need the money as much currently because we have a roommate until we get kicked out of apartment next June. So I might be able to spend that extra time developing my programming and data science skills, with the intent of landing a much better job after a few months.

My wife and I might actually have a kid next year. Super crazy to think about but I guess if that’s the plan, then we’ll get it done. I think I’m ready for it. 35 is old enough to be responsible enough for a kid, right?…. RIGHT? I think about how my parents had me in their early 20’s and really it’s difficult to believe that they trust people that young with another’s life. They were loving and tried their best, that’s all I could ask for.

I’m taking my physical fitness to another level in 2020. This year was REALLY good to me in that regard – most of it I have spent at the lowest weight in my adult life. I’m ready for the next step, which I think will be to get to an even lower bodyfat % (at least for a short time), run a couple half marathons, and at least do a couple bike rides (this year I basically stopped riding). Realistically it’s still a half step below the amount of exercise I’d done in 2017, but this time around I’ll be juggling school and other things on top of it.

So yeah, perhaps it’s a big early to be planning for 2020, but I like to plan early and adjust as I go along.

But one thing’s for sure – I’m going to put my best effort into it. Maybe my next post should be about the values I will embody as I go into the year?




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